How it works

Step 1: The Script Network consists of a token design, the governance token of the Script protocol.

Step 2: The whole network includes the two node layers: Validator and lightning.

Step 3: To come up with a complete setup of the Validator node, a user needs to stake at least 5,000,000 SCPT tokens.

Step 4: For lightning, the least amount of SCPT is 10,000 tokens, where that user will get approximately 5% of the total stake amount in a year as a reward.

Script TV B2B Model

The advertisement model of Script.TV can benefit various crypto projects. Script.TV offers a transparent, open, and uniquely valuable alternative. Crypto projects and other businesses can easily advertise their services on Script.TV, going past most of the bureaucracy and regulation. Using the $SPAY token, companies can pay for marketing campaigns, thereby attaining rights to view, create, and track results from their ads.

The most pivotal aspect of Script.TV is that ads created on this platform will offer more engaging and immersive experiences to users. Businesses can mint their own NFTs, leverage them as a promotional tool, and organize events, contests, and other live programs live on Script.TV channels.

Script.TV offers a unique solution for advertisers, and we are indubitably geared towards transforming advertisement into a social and interactive experience. Our B2B model can also serve the crypto community, accepting every legitimate crypto project and placing no restrictions.

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