Market Strategy

Script Network’s go-to-market strategy focuses on promoting and marketing to the film and content creator spaces on and offline. We aim to keep the user experience and product marketing as jargon-free as possible to attract the broadest possible audience. Script.TV is built on advanced blockchain technology, yet to the average user, the platform and its interface will feel familiar and intuitive in this design, Script.TV is positioned to bring a tidal wave of new participants into our video streaming ecosystem, as well as to the broader cryptocurrency market.

Our initial focus will be on bringing linear television onto the blockchain and leveraging NFT technology to create unprecedented connections between creators and consumers. We will also focus on solving two major problems within current platforms. Firstly, users cannot engage with each other and earn money for the content they consume. Secondly, currently, no television platform can pay users for watching video content.

Broadly, our goal at Script.TV is to deliver an end-to-end television experience on the Script.TV blockchain. This includes storage, tokenization, original content production, NFTs, and integrating existing content into Script.TV with our content-managing system, profit-sharing framework, and much more.

Script.TV is developed in three phases:

Initial Phase

β€’ Script TV token site launch, Script TV entire site launch (beta)

β€’ Token distribution (private and public round)

β€’ Build market awareness and community

β€’ Set up social channels, confirm initial partnerships

Development Phase

β€’ Begin ad software test net, deploy ad rollout

β€’ Scale the site from 3-5 channels to 25-30 channels, all 24/7, all with their style

β€’ Develop easy on- and off-ramping methods

β€’ Sign further multinational partnerships for content, strategy, and growth.

Expansion Phase

β€’ Significant user growth

β€’ Mobile app

β€’ Mass adoption and usage

β€’ Creation and development of Script StudiosΒ¬ – an original film and tv content production studio

We intend to work with many different influencers on promotional activity, live streams, and growth and build active communities on Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. In these groups, we will hold weekly giveaways (through Twitter), polls, competitions, and loyalty rewards (Discord) and keep our community as up-to-date as possible (Telegram).

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