Script TV + Web3

While Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 furnished many possibilities for the global population, there were still many issues involved, such as data privacy, safety, centralization, and more. The problem is that we lost sovereignty of our data when large unified companies like Facebook began to own user data. Nowadays, the information we share on social media is used without our consent and sold to marketers to more efficiently target us as consumers or influence our political leanings.

ScriptTV: Bridging Video Streaming With Web 3.0

Thanks to blockchain technology and the inception of, we are now beginning to return to a more decentralized internet. It is the only viable solution that will allow us to regain control of our data, preserve rights for online privacy, and ensure the free flow of information. has the potential to revolutionize video streaming for television stations and broadcasts while providing the necessary infrastructure for web 3.0, allowing anyone to host video content and live streams in a decentralized manner.

Due to the immutability of the blockchain, creators will have the creative liberty to post any content without the fear of being censored or de-platformed. Furthermore, will offer a more affordable and robust storage system than cloud services. There won’t be any server downtime or security leaks/hacks related to central points of failure.

Another essential element of web 3.0 protocols like Script is establishing a fairer distribution of profits for content creators and rewarding users for helping maintain the platform’s functioning.

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