Understanding the Script Blockchain

The Script blockchain has been specifically architected to handle videos and the transmission of large packets of data. It has also been perfected for the scalability of users on a chain interacting with multiple areas. Furthermore, the Script virtual machine is compatible with the EVM or Ethereum virtual machine. This makes it easier for video-related products and services created on the internet to integrate with the Script platform.

Multilevel Blockchain

Since the Script blockchain has a multi-level consensus program, it efficaciously enables thousands upon thousands of nodes to openly participate in the consensus process. The first level is known as the validator level. There is also a smaller subset of validators who will have the responsibility of processing transactions and creating blocks. The second level comprises the Lightning node operators and there are more than 1,000 Lightning node operators. They will verify and confirm the transactions processed by the validator nodes. The huge number of Lightning nodes means that all transactions will be confirmed and verified in a faster and more secure way. Nevertheless, the second level of the blockchain increases its integrity and reduces the chances of any false alarms.

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