Why Script TV?

The Problems Associated With Video Streaming

With the ever-increasing users on the internet, the shift from traditional TV broadcasting to online video streaming on smart devices has risen significantly. The most significant contributors to this exponential rise amid the pandemic are social media, online news, and video-on-demand (VOD) services.

This tremendous growth in demand for online content and the subsequent rise in data volumes being transmitted had already begun before the pandemic. However, as these figures continue to swell, traditional video streaming services and the infrastructure that supports them cannot cope with the rise in demand. A significant issue that content delivery networks (CDNs) face is β€˜last-mile’ delivery problems resulting from these networks’ heavy dependency on cloud service providers.

To resolve the existing challenges, more widely distributed groups of servers that can cooperate in providing faster content delivery are being used. However, with this infrastructure, users can experience longer buffering times, packet loss, and even extended service downtime, ultimately resulting from complete system failures.

The Solution: Script TV

All of the aforementioned problems can be theoretically solved with a community-operated video streaming platform backed by a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network. With such networks, all content and data can be shared and distributed by participating nodes, which can be rewarded for their contributions using tokens and cryptocurrencies. This sharing of bandwidth by network users would not only overcome existing bottlenecking issues but would ultimately create a vastly more cost-effective, efficient, faster network.

Further benefits include extremely secure & faster transactions, full transparency as well as traceability for transactions, immutability, automated trustless actions, and cryptographically protected data to protect and safeguard user privacy and security.

With Script TV, we intend to achieve similar goals.

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