RPC API Reference

Script offers two sets of RPC APIs. The rationale of this division is to separate the public interface accessible to all users and personal interface that manages a specific user's private wallet.

The Script APIs is provided by the Script Node. It is the RPC interface via which a user can interact with the Script Node directly. As described in the setup guide, the Script Node can be launched with the following command.

script start --config=<path/to/config/folder>

The ScriptCli APIs is provided by the ScriptCli Daemon. It allows a user to interact with his/her personal Script Wallet through RPC calls. The wallet can manage multiple accounts simultaneously. The encrypted private keys of the accounts are stored under ~/.scriptcli/keys/encrypted/ by default. The RPC APIs supports account creation, lock/unlock, and sending script. The ScriptCli Daemon can be run by the following command. If the port parameter is not specified, by default it runs at port 16889. Note that part of the ScriptCli Daemon's functionality depends on the Script Node. Hence we need to have the Script Node running when we launch the ScriptCli Daemon.

scriptcli daemon start --port=<port>

In the examples below, we assume the reader has followed the setup guide to launch both the Script Node and the ScriptCli Daemon on the local machine at port 16888 and 16889 respectively.

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