Configuration for the Script Blockchain Node

The script blockchain node can be launched with parameter --config=path/to/config/folder as shown in the command below.
script start --config=../scriptnet/node
If the --config parameter is not specified, the script node uses ~/.script as the default config folder. The script node also uses the config directory to store other important data. For example, it stores its encrypted key under the key folder, and the blockchain data under the db folder.
The configuration for the script node is defined by file config.yaml under path/to/config/folder. Below are the options
statePruningEnabled: true # true by default, when set to true the node will perform state pruning which can effectively reduce the disk space consumption
statePruningInterval: 16 # the purning interval (in terms of blocks) which control the frequency the pruning procedure is activated
statePruningRetainedBlocks: 2048 # the number of blocks prior to the latest finalized block whose corresponding state tree need to be retained
address: # the binding address of the RPC service, by default
port: 50001 # the p2p port that the Script node listens on, 50001 by default
seeds:,, # the IP addresses of the seed nodes
enabled: true # false by default, when set to true the RPC API is enabled
port: 16888 # the PRC API port, 16888 by default
maxConnections: 100 # max number of simultaneous RPC connections, 200 by default
levels: "*:info" # level of logs to be printed, "*:debug" by default