Edge Features

Amongst the several tech rivals, Script network brings the best possible way to earn the SPAY just by becoming the Edge node that includes the following features:

.Proof of network: Under this feature, every Edge node behaves as a decentralized sever that allows the node to earn and with raw SPAY by withdrawing it via the wallet. Based on the activity of the Edge node, if any user fulfills the criteria of being online for 40 hours a week, as a reward the user will be awarded about the 10% of the total stake.

.My referral :-Users can also earn just by referring their referral code to other users. Once the referred user will install and activate the Edge, the current user will get quantity of SPAY to earn more.

.Recovery key :-With Edge, You do not have to worry about your data, if you want to change the system/machine on which the Edge is installed. Here, recovery key comes into the picture, that allows you to secure your earnings if your system got lost/damaged. Note: To make this possible, user must need to keep the recovery key safe and hidden because once the key will be hidden the action will never be undone.

.Proof of Engagement:- Another great feature is around the corner, proof of engagement (POE) is something that contributes in earning some attractive amount of SPAY. Here Edge will be responsible for the transcoding based on the duration of the video uploaded on the Script.tv

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