Edge Uses

.Data Delivery - Initially focused on video delivery, and implemented on script.tv But the scope of decentralized data delivery goes beyond video into file updates, game patches, OS and app updates, web content, and any other form of data delivery.

.Data Storage - As Script expands from livestreaming applications to Video-on-Demand (VoD), app updates, and game patches, it becomes necessary to have a decentralized solution to data storage. Script nodes can cache the most in-demand live and static content and files to ensure they are able to contribute to the network and earn SPAY.

.Data Encoding - By allowing Script nodes to perform ingest/encoding of raw video and data as close to the source as possible, particularly for live events (professional sports, concerts, conferences, for example), the Script Network will truly become an end-to-end solution for video and data.

Earn SPAY token through staking and via the above processes.

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