Use Cases

.Activate Edge: The minimum number of SPAY needed to activate a Edge is 1000. So, to jump in the journey of earning via the Edge a user must have at least 1000 SPAY in the wallet.

.Cooling-off Period: Edge provides the earning of SPAY on weekly basis along with the cooling-off period. This time duration exists for 4 hours at the start of the every Monday. During this duration, no user can withdraw their SPAY because this slash of time confirms and verify the amount of SPAY earned by the users.

.Heartbeat Status For the Proof of Network: Heartbeat status plays an important role. The colour of the heartbeat keeps on switching, based on the activity of the user. As a result, if the user remains online, it switched to green from the red colour. Based on the activity status of this icon, it provides the consolidated PON rewards.

.Check for Updates: This feature helps the user to keep up the Edge updated as per the latest released version in the market.

.What’s Coming Up: A section that makes user familiar of what’s next is about to come in the coming versions

.Data Backup: When it comes to data loss, Edge is the best match that saves our earned SPAY in case of system damage. Just with the help of recovery key, we can transfer the data from one system to another.

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