What is Edge

Edge nodes are instances of the cluster between the user and cluster's machines. Users can run their jobs on the Edge node instead of doing it directly on the master nodes, which are critical for the overall functioning. This way you can prevent capacity losses on these nodes.

Edge Nodes are a critical infrastructure component of the Script Network and Protocol. They are responsible for retrieving content from other Edge Nodes and distributing it to end users. Initially, Scriptlab will retain a centralized core platform CDN which will serve as the master storage for all uploaded content. Edge Nodes will pull copies from the core CDN based on the directions given from the node software. As the network becomes more decentralized and distributed, uploads from content producers may be transferred directly to nearby Edge Nodes and propagated throughout the network. Edge Nodes may initially pull entire content files, but as the network develops, they may only need to retain specific shards of a large content block to increase efficiency of the network.

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