Basic Concept

Script TV is built on the Script blockchain – a reliable, affordable, high-quality video publishing platform that utilizes purpose-built novel technology to operate efficiently and effectivelyβ€”using decentralized infrastructure, Script.TV provides a video platform designed to radically improve the experience of using streaming platforms for users, content creators, and advertisers. Script.TV will be the first linear TV and film experience on the blockchain.

Using a decentralized blockchain for Script.TV, we solve the many shortcomings of the centralized media space, such as low CPMs as a consequence of intermediaries, sluggish payout times, launch delays, and a lack of analytical data for content partners. For users, there is no ability to get paid for what they watch and no opportunity to connect with community or content partners. The TV and film experience and their associated industries are disengaged and broken. Script.TV will mend this disconnection forever.

In simple terms, Script.TV is a two-sided platform: one side for content partners whose shows and films will be streamed on the platform, and one side for the viewer who will be able to view this content from anywhere in the globe.

Film and TV on the Blockchain

The protocol can also help tv stations combat the decline in viewership by offering a convenient bridge for mainstream and independent news, sports, and entertainment tv stations to move into the blockchain. Large media companies can safely introduce their content and live programming onto the blockchain, reaching new audiences, reducing hosting costs, and creating new streams of revenue through crypto and NFTs. aims to modernize live television for users, enabling them to interact through a live chat, thus adding a social element to television and creating financial incentives for watching ads. In essence, Script is the blockchain built for media streaming.

It is a decentralized solution that will help usher in the web 3.0 paradigm, providing the necessary infrastructure for the future of television, video hosting, and streaming.

Interoperability & Scalability

Script Network is focused on developing NFTs, rewards, and content that can live in multiple worlds – either on the Script.TV platform, in the metaverse or even offline in the physical world. Script TV platform focuses on a geographical and interest-targeted approach for its users, brands, and partners. NFTs can be bought and traded within the Script Platform.

Metaverse: With a range of incumbent metaverse apps, Script Network will connect and collaborate to create an experience that offers NFTs purchased to be used in the metaverse. This gamified option brings even more potential use cases to Script NFTs.

Physical World: Script Network was built with a vision to help educate and bring millions of current content viewers over to blockchain. Part of this process will include being able to trade and stake and convert specific Script NFTs for real-world cinema tickets, access to events, and more.

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