Command Line Tool

Scriptcli: Command Line Wallet

The Script ledger software provides a command line wallet tool scriptcli for users to interact with the Script ledger. Below is an example of sending tokens between two addresses.

Send and Receive Tokens

After building the Script ledger, two binaries script and scriptcli are generated. Script can be regarded as the launcher of the script Ledger node, and scriptcli is a wallet with command line tools to interact with the ledger. We can use the scriptcli command line tool to send Script tokens from one address to another by executing the following command. Open a terminal, and execute the following command. When the prompt asks for password, enter your password.

$ scriptcli tx send --chain="scriptnet" --from= 98fd878cd2267577ea6ac47bcb5ff4dd97d2f9e5 --to=9F1233798E905E173560071255140b4A8aBd3Ec6 --script=0 --spay=20 --seq=1

The balance of an address can be retrieved with the following query command, after the transaction has been included in the blockchain (may take a couple seconds).

$ scriptcli query account --address=9F1233798E905E173560071255140b4A8aBd3Ec6

Now let us send 20 more Script tokens. Note that we need to increment the seq parameter to 2. The seq parameter is a transaction counter for each account, similar to the nonce parameter for Ethereum transactions. Each time we send tokens from an account, we need to increment the seq by 1.

$ scriptcli tx send --chain="scriptnet" --from=98fd878cd2267577ea6ac47bcb5ff4dd97d2f9e5 --to=9F1233798E905E173560071255140b4A8aBd3Ec6 --script=0 –spay=20 --seq=2

We can query the recipient address again to verify the account balance changes.

$ scriptcli query account --address=9F1233798E905E173560071255140b4A8aBd3Ec6

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