Launch Script Node

Launch Private Net

Open a terminal to launch the private net. For the first time, follow the setup steps below.


$ cp -r ./integration/scriptnet ../scriptnet

$ mkdir ~/.scriptcli

$ chmod 700 ~/.scriptcli/

$ make install

And then, use the following command to launch a scriptnet . For this you can use tmux or any other tools to run your node service in the background.

/usr/local/go/bin/script start --config=../scriptnet/node

When the prompt asks for a password, enter your required password here.

Note – { Your binary directory path } denotes path where script and scriptcli binary exist or created while running after make install command.

And then after run the following command to launch rpc of the node in another session.

/{ Your binary directory path }/scriptcli daemon start --port=16889

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