Script Wallet

If you create a new wallet, we recommend you do so offline. Once you reach the Script Wallet site, take your device offline / put it in airplane mode, then click β€œCreate Wallet.” Next, you will download an encrypted keystore file and create a wallet password. This encrypted keystore file on your computer will be used to unlock your wallet any time you want to access it. You will then need to copy down the mnemonic/seed phrase (and private key, if you choose to) and store them in a safe place.

Your mnemonic/seed phrase and private key are the only way to restore your Script wallet if you lose your keystore file and/or wallet password! Make sure you save them correctly and store them offline in a safe place (never online or in the cloud!).

Once your wallet has been created, you can re-connect your device and unlock your new Script Wallet.

If you are unlocking an existing wallet, we recommend you take your device offline while uploading your keystore or enter your mnemonic phrase or private key. Once the wallet has been unlocked, you’ll see a screen that says β€œyou’re offline!” and will have the opportunity to connect to the internet before you continue to the wallet.

Once you’re in your Script wallet, you can check the balance of your Script Tokens.

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