Smart Contracts

The lack of transparency and red tape has frustrated users and content partners for decades within the media industry. To solve this, our smart contracts can be adapted by Script.TV content creators to distribute royalties fairly, transparently, and without reliance on costly intermediaries.

Smart contracts for content partners and platforms also enable more payment-consumption models than traditional TV services can offer their users, such as per-use or pay-as-you-go models. Instead of paying for annual or monthly subscriptions, viewers can now earn for viewing content. Our Turing-complete smart contracts enable numerous usage scenarios not exclusive to video streaming.

For example, the distribution of rewards between the platform, content partners, and users can be automated, NFTs can be traded, various wallets can be integrated, and new tokens can be minted. The Script.TV Virtual Machine is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it simple to migrate existing Ethereum-based contracts, and smart contract developers can seamlessly migrate to Script.TV.

By merging linear TV programming with blockchain technology, Script TV can manage all its services and offerings using smart contracts. The smart contracts are self-executing, require no middlemen, and can be swiftly executed after stipulated conditions for performance are met by the contracting parties. Plus, smart contracts can be used for games, polls, airdrops, reward programs, community engagement initiatives, and content acquisition. Overall, using smart contracts streamlines the process of getting things done and is cost-effective.

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