Script.TV will be a first-of-its-kind online TV platform in which both users and content publishers earn valuable tokens through video streaming. Script.TV will be a feature-rich application that provides users with round-the-clock entertainment through a range of exciting channels.

The network will use the blockchain-based Script token (SCPT) as a direct incentive for users to not only watch and discover great new content but also to contribute their computers’ bandwidth and memory to the network. Fundamentally this incentive mechanism is what powers the network and allows Script.TV to avoid the problems currently plaguing traditional streaming platforms.

Content partners earn SPAY tokens for every minute their content is watched on Script.TV and users earn SPAY tokens every time they watch programs on Script.TV. By operating and utilizing the Script. TV web app, any device can become a Script node able to earn users additional rewards for caching and distributing video data.

$SCPT & $SPAY Storage

SCPT & SPAY are the two tokens on the Script Blockchain. To begin with, to ensure instant liquidity, ease of trading, and a platform to perform swapping with popular pairs at scale, SCPT will launch as an BEP-20/ SCR-20 token. This means that SCPT (and SPAY in the future) can be stored in popular wallets such as Metamask and Trustwallet.

Further down the line in our roadmap, we will perform a 1:1 conversion for SCPT and SPAY to the Script Blockchain. Users and content partners will have further flexibility on where to store SCPT and SPAY. Users and content partners can store, send and receive their tokens securely within their wallets on the Script Network. And as SCPT and SPAY are listed on more exchanges (both CEX & DEX), these will provide further storage options for users. Should users or content partners wish to store their tokens away offline, they will eventually be able to hold their tokens on hardware wallets.

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