How to Sign Up + Sign In to Script TV


  • You should have a stable internet connection.

  • A browser having wallet extension.

  • You should have supported wallet like Metamask or WalletConnect.

  • You should have verified Email ID.

How to Sign In & Sign Up in Script TV

In this documentation we will conclude how to sign up and sign in again into Script TV. This documentation also includes the procedure of how to link and verify your supported wallet with Script TV.

Connect wallet and sign up

  • Head to Script TV by typing in (

  • At the upper right-side sign-up tab shows up. Click on it.

  • It will automatically show the following screen, for which you choose how you'd like to sign up / sign in

  • If you choose to sign in via Metamask a pop up will come up as per the image above. This is to switch to Script Blockchain Testnet, click 'Switch Network'.

  • You will be asked to type in your email address, nickname, and a referral code (if you have one).

  • You will then be prompted to sign a message. This is totally safe, and the warning message from Metamask is completely normal - due to Script Testnet being new. This will change in due course.

  • Once you have signed the message, you will have a host of options within your profile to select and choose from.

  • *If you wish to sign up for a new account, you must use a different wallet.


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