Reward System: Script Points, Zealy, Guild, Galxe + more

Important that this is read carefully. Script Points, Crew3, Guild and Galxe are all entirely different and rewards for them are completely seperate in the type of rewards given, the release schedule, and how they are accrued. You are encouraged to reach out on our discord should you have any questions in regards to it.

Reward System

Given that Script Network is and always will be focused on the wider user base, there are multiple different reward mechanisms / platforms that Script Network is connected and thus, there are multiple ways users can be rewarded. We have explained in more detail the 5 core reward mechanisms / platform in use.

Script Points

What is it? This is currently live, but will be featured rewards that are available daily, by completing tasks (similar to that of a computer game), and earning points for it. This varies frorm watching 1 hour of content a day, to signing in everyday (and hitting 'claim'), alongside referrals. The key part of Script Points is it lives only on the platform - there is no other way to accrue Script Points anywhere else besides on the website.

Watch 3 hours of content per day: This earns you (automatically)/ Total is 100 Script Points per day

Login Everyday: This MUST be collected by clicking the 'collect reward' button once a day. If you do not do this, you will not earn the points. Total is 10 Script Points per day.

Invite Friends: Head to the left hand side to view your referral code - this does not change. This code can be used for newcomers when they are signing up. Total is 20 Script Points per referral.

Speaking Live Chat: Talk with others daily in live chat. Total is 2 Script Points per day.

When does it end? This will be ongoing post token launch.

What is the benefit? You will be able to, (subject to a community wide snapshot), convert Script Points to SPAY tokens. The conversion ratio is not confirmed.

There are 4 current ways that you cane earn Script Points, but these ways will change and be modified in due course. For now, here they are:


What is it? This is currently live. Crew3 is an engagement platform which rewards users with XP points from completing numerous quests. These quests vary from following the Script Network twitter account, to completing video reviews of the platform. These quests vary in XP rewards and is consistently updated multiple times a week. The updates of these quests can be found in the discord.

When does it end? This will be ongoing til (at least), the end of Q2 2023.

What is the benefit? A leaderboard snapshot will take place in Q2 2023, for which users with XP, will receive an SPAY airdrop. The conversion ratio is not confirmed yet, however, all users with Crew3 XP, are guaranteed the opportunity to claim tokens. Tokens in this regard may be retroactive - meaning users who remain engaged may receive further rewards, with those who are not, missing the chance to claim.

What is it? is more of a connectivity platform, allowing users who have completed certain tasks, to gain a specific role in the community. By heading to the Script Network Guild, it is for the most part, is the only way to acquire certain roles.

When does it end? This is ongoing, and will likely have roles added (and some removed) in time.

What is the benefit? Specific roles give you access to gated channels, with many of them then bringing exclusive opportunities, and potential airdrops post launch. None of these specific rewards or airdrops in regards to Guild is confirmed.

DAOMaker Vote Participation

What is it? is worlds leading launchpad. It has facilitated hundreds of IDOs over the last half a decade. See more here. To claim a share of the airdrop allocation for DAOmaker, simply head to the link (when live), and vote, using an active wallet with at least 20 transactions in it and or assets of $50 or more in it (this is to prevent misuse)

When does it end? It ended in February 2023..

What is the benefit? An airdrop by participating, exact conversion or amount, TBC.

What is it? Galxe is more of an engagement platform, largely giving opportunity for users who was engaged at a given time, to earn a reward or OAT. Galxe will largely be used for event based activations - (partnerships, AMAs, and off chain activations)

When does it end? This is ongoing for now.

What is the benefit? Usually gives a specific role, and access to specific channels, with many of them then bringing exclusive opportunities, and potential airdrops post launch. None of these specific rewards or airdrops in regards to Galxe is confirmed.

Script Network Competitions

What is it? These are competitions Script Network largely runs across socials - Instagram, Twitter or Discord. They vary from quizzes, to trivia - with one of the longest running competitions being 'Guess the film' as shown above.

When does it end? This is ongoing

What is the benefit? Cash or SCPT prizes at TGE.

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