Using the Live TV player

The TV application is currently in live working beta. This means many functions will be currently flawed / not work as it intends to. Changes are being made daily with updates on the development of this product. Albeit most of this section is self explanatory by nature (watching live TV), we will constantly do our best to update as much as possible and provide further information as to how it works. Do of course check out our discord for further detailed updates and information regarding this. Please only view the beta on desktop / laptop only for now. To clarify once more, many of the action buttons across the TV app is not fully workable, and is currently for testing / viewing purposes only**

Getting Started

To get started using the TV player, head to our current beta URL, here: You should then see a page similar to this:

This shows a number of action items of the page. Menu - an opportunity to check out other channels (not currently available), get more information about the network, and view on chain data on the explorer page (data not currently correct)

Banners - These will change and update on rotation and feature everything from community messages to competition opportunities and new feature films / TV shows launching. Incidentally, there is a live Christmas Marathon happening for the next week, where users who watch over 3 hours a day has an opportunity to win $5,000 worth of SPAY.

Your Mini Dashboard - Will feature data on your usage, including total minutes watched, most watched channel and the most common glasses you equip when watching content. This is currently a working feature.

TV player - This will play content on the respective TV channel, 24/7. As you scroll down, the TV player will automatically shift into a mini window.

Live chat - This will give an opportunity for users to connect live, whilst watching TV shows and films

Electronic Programme Guide (TV Schedule) - This is where you can switch channels, and view the upcoming TV shows and films over the coming hours. The timing at the top will match your timezone, and will run for the time that the respective show / film shows under the respective names. Like television you sit and watch on your sofa, this is NOT on demand television, and you do not have the ability to pause, skip or rewind. This allows there to be an exciting experience for all users and content partners, with the ability to launch NFTs or live quizzes during a film (spontaneously), and reward those who are watching at the time. This is simply not possible on any other mechanism / platform built in web2 or web3 to date.

ScriptGLASS stats - Here will feature the key stats for ScriptGLASS. This is not currenly a workable feature.

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