How to run a node without any syncing issue ?

1. Install and configure the blockchain node as per system OS i.e linux, windows or MAC described in previous sections of whitepaper. Refer to

  1. Now switch to nodepath where seed peer is configured i.e

  1. Open config file and edit the seeds ip with whom you want to connect and sync .

  2. File will appears like shown below :

  1. Save the file after changing the seed peers.

Note : Make sure to configure only those ip as a seedpeer who is already synced with current block height of the blockchain and is running on any server then only that ip will allow you to connect. We need to follow the same if we want to run multiple of nodes i.e one to many and many to others.

  1. Also change the seed ip on below path as well

  1. Thereafter switch to script path i.e

  1. Execute the below command

    make install

  2. Start the node and cli service similar to previous instructions.

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