Lightning Node Overview

In the Script blockchain, Lightning nodes play essential roles in protecting the security of the Script blockchain as they form a second layer defense against potential malicious attackers. Validator Nodes propose and produce new blocks in the chain, while Lightning Nodes seal blocks and act as a check on malicious or non-functional Validator Nodes. Install and stake to your Lightning nodes to help secure the Script blockchain!

This guide provides the instructions to launch and stake to a Lightning Node for the Script Network.

The minimum token amount to stake is 10,000 SCPT. The minimum hardware requirements are:

Internet speed: 5Mbps+ up and down CPU: 4 cores or more Memory: 8 GBytes or more

Please note that virtual machines are not supported at this point.

Aggregated Signature Gossip

Each Lightning node must actively combine the partially aggregated signatures from its neighbors and then gossip this newly aggregated signature out to other nodes. In doing so, the signature share of each node can reach other nodes at exponential speed by using the gossip protocol. In addition, the signature aggregation keeps the size of the messages small and thus reduces communicative overheads.

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