Steps To Change The lightning Node Password

1. Switch to the below directory.

  • cd/usr/local/go/src/

2. Download the key which is in the above directory on your local.

3. Then, login to the wallet application.

  • ( with the same key and node password.

4. After logged in to the wallet application , switch to the setting tab and reset your password.

5. Then, upload the new key generated from the wallet application to the same server directory and replace it with the new key and run the below mentioned command.

  • mv {key}.keystore {key}

6. Now, switch to the directory and run the following command.

  • cd /usr/local/go/src/

  • make install

7. After successful compilation of code, you need to go to background process where node is running. Terminate the process and run the command with new password.

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