🀝Referrals/Network Effects

The Script.TV platform has a referral system that rewards referrers for every new user they bring to the network with SPAY tokens. Bonuses are based on how much total SPAY is bought through their referral link.

Referral amount: 0.1 -4,999,999 SPAY

Bonus = 5% of SPAY

Refer 5,000,000 or more SPAY

Bonus = 10% of SPAY

150,000,000 SPAY tokens are reserved for this campaign. Members that fail to follow our terms and who were declined to join the campaign, will not have the chance to be accepted in the future. Script.TV reserves the right not to accept users even if they register twice and any of their associated accounts will not be rewarded. Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time and more can be implemented.

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