Q1 2023
· Platform development and completion ✔️
· Server implementation and deployment✔️
· Initial content partner agreements✔️
· Full Script Network Testnet✔️
· Content storage protocol launch✔️
· Major web3 wallet integrations✔️
Q2 2023
· ScriptGLASS completion and integration✔️
· Streaming server configurations and Backup solutions✔️ Mass content upgrades
· Development of Connected TV architecture✔️ Implementation of ad serving platform
· Video advertising network proprietary layer launch✔️
Q3 2023
· ScriptBUILD community - a network for nodes, developers and creators.✔️
· Initial channels and content rolled out on the platform✔️
· Validator / nodes created – full roll out (staking)✔️
Q4 2023
· SCPT token launch ✔️
· Initial content focused live NFT purchasing rollout ✔️
· Addition of 10 live channels to Script TV✔️
· Script NFT video marketplace launch✔️
· dStorage service rollout✔️
· User and content partner panel (analytics) build✔️
Q1 2024
· Start of development project for Mobile App (iOS/Android) and CTV (Connected TV)
· Script Blockchain mainnet
· 10 more live channels to Script TV
· Connected TV - LG TV, Google TV beta launch
· Full launch of decentralised TV voting protocol
· Connected TV - Samsung TV, Roku beta launch
· SPAY token launch
Q2 2024
· Mobile App full launch (iOS, Android)
· CTV and OTT beta launch
· Subtitles, transcription added
· Ads management – ability for advertisers to create and view data for their ads
· Mobile App development (iOS, Android)Connected TV - Samsung TV, Roku beta launch
· Video API for content ingestion, transcoding and distribution
· First video inscription on Script Blockchain
· Airdrop distribution
Q3 2024
· Script Build - Bounty Program launch
· Voting control on ads and shows - you decide what you watch OTT / CTV / Smart TV -Integration
· Region based specific content launched across the TV network
· 10 more live channels added to Script TV
· ScriptSWAP beta launch - Swap your SPAY tokens for IRL products (ie Cinema tickets) · TV and film series video inscriptions, content fractionalisation test
· Global brand partnerships and off chain activations for holders through media events
Q4 2024
· Direct integration with larger channels and studios into the TV app
· Script Studios initial content acquisitions
· Rollout of large content partnerships · Content fractional NFTs beta
· On-chain global brand integrations
· Brand and Media partnerships · Private messaging, content communities – engage with other fans of shows and films you specifically watch
· Script Studios Originals (Film + TV Series)
· IRL larger event activations