Transaction APIs


This API returns the details of the transaction being queried with hash.
REST Uri: /transaction/{hash}
Query Parameters
hash: the transaction hash
block_height: height of the block that contains the transaction
hash: the hash of the transaction itself
data: the details of the transaction
type: transaction type
totalTxsNumber: total number of transactions in database
timestamp: the time stamp of the block contains this block
number: the sequence number of the transaction in database
// {
" SCPTWei ":"0",
" SPAYWei ":"1150000000000000"
" SCPTWei ":"0",
" SPAYWei ":"0"


This API returns a list of blocks given the page number and limit number.
REST Uri: /transactions/range
Query Parameters
pageNumber: the page number, 0 stands for the latest
limit: the limit size of each page
currentPageNumber: the number of current page
totalPageNumber: the total number of pages
For each transaction it is similar to the returns of the GetTransaction API.
// Request
// Result