SPAY is the operational token of the Script.TV blockchain is used as β€œgas” and for rewards. SPAY tokens total circulation will be 5,000,000,000.

When the blockchain goes to mainnet, SPAY will launch. Unlike the SCPT token, the SPAY token can only be obtained by engaging in the Script Network ecosystem or by purchasing it on the public market (CEXs). Users can earn SPAY tokens through our ScriptGlass watch to earn reward mechanism which has an earning protocol for those who watch TV on the platform.

SPAY token will be highly liquid; therefore, an annual increase in supply starting from the second year will be set at a rate of 9%. In order to avoid the devaluation of SPAY due to the annual token volume growth, about 25% of each transaction fee will be burned at the protocol level. This will become the cost of using the network and balance the price and volume of SPAY tokens.

SPAY Utility

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