Glass Payouts

Each glass type has specific base attributes that differentiate them from each other.

These attributes affect both the payout and daily allowable watch time of the user.

There are two attributes associated with each glass type, i.e., durability, and luck. Durability and luck both increase automatically as glass levels and type increase, The payout equation is given as:

TOG = 1,2 or 3. Where 1 represents common glass and 3 represents Superscript

Level = The level the glass is currently at. K = Durability constant. The durability constant is the number of additional minutes a user can watch when they level up.

A = It is the constant number a user can fully charge their glasses in a day.

The number 20 represents 20 mins which is essentially the base amount of minutes on a freshly minted glass.

Where Rmax is the max reward that can be earned by a maxed-out glass and Tmax is the max allowable watch time in a day for a maxed-out glass given a certain glass type.

Note that all the payouts will be vested for a period of 14 days. Users can view their rewards but cannot claim them until the grace period is completed.

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