Connect Metamask to the Script Testnet

Script blockchain is fully interoperable with Metamask. To connect Metamask to the Script Testnet, follow this guide to add a custom Network with the parameters shown in the screenshot:

Network Name: Script Testnet


Chain ID: 742

Currency Symbol (optional): SPAY

Block Explorer URL (optional):

In the Script blockchain, SPAY is the gas token which powers the smart contracts. The users can use Metamask to send and receive SPAY, similar to Ether in the Ethereum blockchain. The users can also send and receive SRC20 tokens (the ERC20 token counterpart in the script blockchain). Note that currently Metamask does not support the SCPT token yet.

NOTE: At this time some exchanges, such as Binance, do not support receiving SCPT blockchain tokens from a smart contract address, which is how they are sent via the Metamask plug-in. If you send tokens to an exchange address via Metamask, they may be lost.

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