About Script Validators

Script TV runs on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism known as Multi-Level Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) which allows thousands of nodes to participate in the consensus process.
A two-level structure is architected with a small number of first-level Validators (10-20) and a wide range of second-level Validators (1000 or more). First-level Validators (Validators) produce blocks at high-speed using a process similar to what PBFT uses. The second-level Validators (Lightnings) then complete the chain created by the Validators and confirm among themselves that they all see the same chain. A pool of Validators from a small number of participants can quickly reach a consensus. At the same time, a more significant collection of Lightnings provide a high level of reliability and network integrity.

How Are Validators Selected?

The Validators will be selected from the holders who bought SCPT during the first-stage private sale, who then deployed their nodes and were screened on the Testnet. To protect the network, Validators must KYC. To join the Validator pool, a node needs to lock up a certain amount of stake for a period. The amount of SCPT required to be staked to become a Validator can vary, and the updated figure can be found at https://token.script.tv. This stake can be slashed as a penalty for malicious behavior. A limited set of 10-20 Validator nodes constitute the Validator Pool.