Steps To Migrate Lightning/Validator

*Note - New server must have all pre-requisites installed and directory to be created in a way as suggested in doc. Also go env must be configured.

1. Login and switch to the directory

  • cd /usr/local/go/src/

*Here, You will get to see the directory on the name of scripttoken.

2. Create .zip or .tar file of scripttoken

3. Download the zip file from previous server and upload or move it to new server.

4. Unzip the folder but make sure directory architecture will be same as previous one or suggested according to the document provided.

  • i.e, cd /usr/local/go/src/

  • Move zip or tar file to this directory and unzip here.

5. Compilation of the code

  • cd /usr/local/go/src/

  • make install

6. Run the code

  • Run blockchain node in background process whether it is in tmux, nohup, sceen, pm2 or other.

  • cd /usr/local/go/src/

  • Run, /usr/local/go/bin/script start --config=../scriptnet/node

  • Enter the password and start the node.

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